Wheeled loader

  • Rated load

    3T, 5T, 5.5T, 6T

  • Discharge standard

    National II

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Loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mine and other construction projects, it is mainly used to shovel soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials, can also be ore, hard soil and other light shoveling operations. Retrofitting with different auxiliary work devices can also carry out dozing, lifting and other materials such as wood loading and unloading operations.

In road, especially high-grade road construction, loaders are used for subgrade work, asphalt mixtures and aggregates and loading in cement concrete yards. In addition, it can also carry out operations such as pushing soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machinery. Because the loader has the advantages of fast working speed, high efficiency, good mobility and light operation, it has become one of the main types of earthwork construction in engineering construction.


Wheel loader main model and parameters

Model Bucket capacity Rated load Max.digging force Max.traveling force Operating weight
933T 1.4-3.2m³ 3000KG 96±5KN 115±5KN 10200(1±5%)KG
953 2.2-3.8m³ 5000KG 165±5KN 170±5KN 16500(1±5%)KG
955T 2.2-4.5m³ 5000KG 165±5KN 170±5KN 16500(1±5%)KG
956T 2.2-4.5m³ 5500KG 170±5KN 175±5KN 17500(1±5%)KG
966T 3.0-5m³ 6000KG 190±5KN 180±5KN 19500(1±5%)KG