On-site technical service solutions

Technical services for product installation debugging and testing

  • 01.

    The purpose of our on-site service personnel is to make the supplied equipment safe and normal operation, and we will send qualified on-site service engineers who can solve problems independently. The on-site service table provided by our company including the number of service personnel can meet the needs of this project. If the number of days of this person cannot meet the needs of this project, our company will add the number of days of the person, but you do not need to pay any additional fees for this.

  • 02.

    All expenses of our company’s service engineer have been included in the total contract price, which includes such as service engineer’s salary and various subsidies, transportation expenses, communication expenses, food and lodging expenses, medical expenses, various insurance fees, various taxes and so on.

  • 03.

    The working hours of the field service engineer are consistent with the site requirements to meet the requirements of on-site installation, commissioning and trial operation. You will no longer be charged for overtime and holidays of our field service engineers.

  • 04.

    Without your consent, our company will not change the on-site service engineer at will. At the same time, our company timely replaces our field service engineers who you think are unqualified.

The responsibilities of our company’s field service engineers

The tasks of our company’s field service engineers mainly include equipment expediting, equipment quality problem handling, on-site commissioning, guiding installation, participating in trial operation and performance acceptance tests.

Before installation and commissioning, our technical service engineers will make technical disclosures to you, explain and demonstrate the procedures and methods to be carried out. Our company provides an important process table for the installation and commissioning supervision of the equipment it provides, and our technical personnel must confirm the construction situation and visa, otherwise you cannot carry out the next process. Our company is fully responsible for any problems in the process confirmed and approved by our company due to the wrong guidance of our technical service engineers.