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Road roller, also known as compactor, is a kind of road construction equipment. Road roller belongs to the category of road equipment in construction machinery, and is widely used in high-grade highway, railway, airport runway, dam, stadium and other large-scale engineering projects filling compaction operations, can roll sandy, semi-cohesive and cohesive soil, subgrade stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The roller is suitable for various compaction operations by the gravity of the machine itself, so that the compacted layer is permanently deformed and compact. Road rollers are divided into two categories: steel wheel type and tire type.


Road roller main model and parameters

Model Rated power Size(mm) Roller size(mm)Diameter*Width*Thick Total weight(T)
8208T 140KW 6503*2390*3250 1550*2130*40 20
8228T 140KW 6550*2390*3250 1550*2150*50 22
8268T 140KW 6820*2450*3250 1600*2150*50 26
8206 140KW 6316*2420*3210 1550*2150*50 20.5
8226 140KW 6316*2420*3210 1550*2150*50 21.6

Main production equipment

Pretreatment production line: large-scale dissipation treatment equipment, steel plate than the thickness of the treated sheet metal can be between 6~80mm, width 1000~3000mm, to meet the pretreatment of all incoming materials

HSDY CNC forging and shaping equipment: the maximum pressure is 500 tons, the workpiece can be up to 6 meters, and the CNC operation is accurate, high efficiency and good forming

Welding robot machining center: imported by Austrian IGM company, welding penetration is large, high strength, can operate continuously for 24 hours, and the quality reaches Komatsu KES standard

Parts warehouse: spacious parts warehouse, equipped with assembly line transmission system, three-dimensional shelves.

Neat machining workshop: equipped with Italian M7 vertical horizontal type, Sweden HMC800 horizontal type, American T30 horizontal type and other CNC machining equipment to ensure that the machining accuracy meets the design requirements

Assembly line assembly workshop: